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Chronic Warrior Collective

What is Chronic Warrior Collective?

The Chronic Warrior Collective is our Mighty Network where we bring together warriors from around the globe and across ALL disease groups to eliminate the isolation of the chronic journey, create a SAFE space to connect with others who "get it", and find purpose by helping others. The chronic journey is hard... let's come together to cheer for and encourage one another... and activate our inner child... Starting with our 30 second Dance Party! #crushingthatchroniclifestyle    

When is the last time You had some FUN?!

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Introducing our new Mighty Network!

We're growing on this paid-membership platform for these reasons:

  • We control the Space. We're no longer at the mercy of algorithms when connecting with YOU, our members.

  • No advertisements and NO data collecting behind the scenes to be sold on the dark web.

  • Creating a Safe Space. Our nominal fee discourages bullies and haters from hanging out here.

  • Non-stop fun and ways to make friends. From groups to clubs to hangouts to parties, there is always something lighthearted going on!

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If you need assistance, you can easily apply for a full or half scholarship here


We highly recommend you join from a desktop then get on the mobile app after. If you purchase through the Apple iOS store there is a surcharge of 30%. So save some coins! Hop on a laptop and join from there.

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