We're connecting chronic warriors around the globe!

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Safe, Fun, Meaningful Connections.

Hey, I'm Denise Archilla, fellow chronic warrior and former healthcare worker turned connector.

Two things I've learned over the years:
1. Those living with chronic illness LONG for someone who "gets it".
2. They also WISH for a SAFE space to connect with other warriors!

That's why I created the Chronic Warrior Collective - to be the much needed SAFE space where those living with chronic illnesses can come together.

When is the last time you felt SEEN, HEARD, CHEERED, and SUPPORTED?!

keep reading... and come join us!

What you'll get:
  • An actively managed community with a caring host, me!😉 (plus additional hosts & moderators).

  • The ability to connect with other warriors based on diagnoses.

  • A SAFE space. No bullying. No shaming. EVER. Just love and support!

  • Fun ways to connect with others: groups, clubs, chats, and hangouts.

You can join for free... 
We want you to join us, so we've removed all roadblocks!

or you can choose to support our mission!
We have a free option so that no warrior is excluded or left isolated. But we hope you'll choose to support us so that we can continue all of our programs including this network and the Chronic Warrior Card Swap. (If you are in the USA, your support is tax-deductible.)

💜CHAMPIONS:  $9.99/month or $99.99/year
CHAMPIONS get two EXCLUSIVE stickers of our mascot Ember, FIRST dibs on new merch and specialty parties, and exclusive access to the Champions Club inside our network.

🎗SUPPORTING Member: $29.99/year
SUPPORTING Members get an EXCLUSIVE sticker of our mascot, Ember, plus access to the Supporting Members Club inside our network.

***NOTE FOR iPHONE USERS*** We highly recommend you join from a desktop then get on the mobile app after. If you purchase through the Apple iOS store there is a surcharge of 30%. So save some coins! Hop on a laptop and join from there.

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